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The ancient Roman Goddess Fortuna has been a very popular Goddess since at least 640 B.C.E. 

From Her ancient origins, She survived throughout the Common Era and into contemporary culture. The Goddess Herself has been hidden from spirituality, and best known by Her symbol: the Wheel of Fortune.

Many temples were dedicated to Goddess Fortuna in ancient times and she took on different roles depending on the type of assistance requested by the petitioner. 

These different roles are represented in names describing Her various aspects; many of these aspects are also included in the names of Her festivals.

The festivals of the Goddess Fortuna, as they have been handed down through the ages, are shown on the Calendar page of this website.

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Many additional roles and aspects of the Goddess Goddess Fortuna are mentioned in inscriptions and dedications, and not provided separate festival dates on the traditional Roman calendar.

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Some of these roles include Fortuna Privata, Goddess Fortuna's aspect in our personal lives or in the home,
Fortuna Salutaris and Fortuna Balnearis, who may hear our prayers for good health and who graces health-bringing baths, and Fortuna-Venus who embodies pure love. We believe that the Goddess Fortuna, in any or all of Her aspects, may be petitioned privately in the home, and at any time that the need or desire to pray arrives naturally. 
In answer to the question whether anybody still believes in or prays to the Goddess Fortuna, the answer is Yes! She was the original "Lady Luck" Statues of the Goddess Fortuna appear in numerous casinos, including Las Vegas. Her symbol, the wheel of fortune, was popularized in a card within the Tarot Major Arcana. 
There are also some folks, who refer to themselves as  
" NeoPagans " or being of the " Pagan " spirituality, who regularly include t his ancient Goddess in their prayers for luck, prosperity or, perhaps, riches won from gambling. 
Despite all the glamour, in ancient times Her original strengths were good fortune in the home and away from home, traditional family values, and equal opportunities for people from all walks of life. It is our belief that all aspects of Her divinity, from ancient times through contemporary interpretations, may bring blessings to those who honor Her.
Goddess Fortuna has been a shining light for women and children; for happiness and success in marriage and family relationships.

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Fortuna by Josephine Wall
Goddess Fortuna has been shown as an angel with wings, a regal figure on a throne, with a cornucopia filled with coins or harvest. 

The Goddess Fortuna holds a wheel to show the turning of fate and fortune, a ships rudder, gently guiding our direction, or sometimes the reins of a horse whose companionship protects and defends. 
The Goddess Fortuna may appear blindfolded. Perhaps She hears our prayers and sees our best solutions in the mind's eye without the distractions of the real world. 
It is our hope that Goddess Fortuna will bring you inspiration, and a kind, gentle and meaningful image on which to focus during divine worship. 


Guardian Angel by Pietro da Cortona 
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